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It all started with the dream of being my own boss and living my life free from the control of corporate America.

Not that I had a bad experience, after all, this dream would require me to give up a well paying job working 40-60 hours per week with four week’s vacation. I was young, and I wanted to control my own future. So, in 1990 I started my own… carpet cleaning company using borrowed equipment from my father’s janitorial business.

In the beginning it wasn’t easy transiting from my previously stable life. My first office was located in my two bedroom apartment. I was a one man show, distributing flyers, answering the phone and handling the accounting; also I was only cleaning carpets for $5.95 a room! As the years passed, I transitioned from residential and commercial carpet cleaning to residential and commercial water & fire restoration. After a lot of hard work and much trial and error, my operation grew from a one man operation averaging $20,000 a year to a thriving International Commercial Restoration company!
I was doing business in the Bahamas, Bermuda and Mexico. I also had nine satellite locations averaging an annual revenue of $10-$15 million per year.

At one point, my business had 450 employees and earned over $40 million in one year! In my case, 26 years of experience was the best teacher, and along the way I earned many awards while becoming widely known in the water and fire restoration business.
Learn how to quickly accelerate the growth of your business and make more money with fewer mistakes. Take your business to the next level!
Can you imagine this as a one size fits all world? Can you imagine an inexperienced elementary school age child telling you how to run your business? Are you tired of doing it the hard way?

At Next Level we know that making your dream come true doesn’t have to be a painful and financially draining nightmare. But, you can’t do it alone, you need help learning how to do it the RIGHT way. Learn from our 20+ years of “Boots on the ground” experience in the business. We will customize our consulting system to your business at any level; we understand that one size does NOT fit all. You will have a team who will listen to you and your concerns and put together a plan to help you grow your business with less mistakes, wasted time and wasted money. I will teach you the facts and the truth about the restoration business that many have never shared. I will help you learn about administration, operation, mobilization, international work, social media, sales and finances. All of this will be through 1-on-1 training.


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